VoiceMaxxCE Tools



a.k.a. “vomaceto”

Tools for managing and monitoring VoiceMaxxCE clusters.

VoiceMaxxCE was a hosted collaboration solution based on Cisco’s HCS platform. A standard deployment included:

  • 1 UCM Publisher
  • 2 UCM Subscribers
  • 2 IM&P servers
  • 2 Unity Express servers
  • 2 Expressway clusters (2 edge and 2 core servers)

Deployments could be larger based on the number of end users and their locations.

I initially wrote the core of this tool to relieve my team of having to spend weekends monitoring and health checking customer equipment during major maintenance windows and changes that didn’t directly involve our team such as data center and networking.

There are multiple script samples and tools in the code repo. In its current state, it was deployed to a Linux server in the company data center and configured to run on a schedule using a cron job. Output could be configured to be delivered by email, WebEx, or to other enterprise endpoints for review based on need and urgency.

The example below was used to perform almost 100% of the configuration review done during hand-off from the platform engineers to the voice engineers. It reduced the amount of time required to complete the testing and manual verification from approximately 8 hours to roughly 15 minutes, generating a report with the full results.


### Usage
usage: automated_uat.py [-h] [--ccmid CCMID] [--ccm] [--cuc] [--imp] [--expc] [--expe]
                        [--callmanager-pub CALLMANAGER_PUB] [--unity-pub UNITY_PUB] [--presence-pub PRESENCE_PUB]
                        [--expressway-c EXPRESSWAY_C] [--expressway-e EXPRESSWAY_E]

VoiceMaxxCE UAT

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --ccmid CCMID         Customer CCMID to perform tests on, used for cluster discovery
  --ccm                 Perform CUCM checks
  --cuc                 Perform CUC checks
  --imp                 Perform IMP checks
  --expc                Perform Expressway Core checks
  --expe                Perform Expressway Edge checks
  --callmanager-pub CALLMANAGER_PUB
                        Specify CUCM Pub to test
  --unity-pub UNITY_PUB
                        Specify Unity Connection Pub to test
  --presence-pub PRESENCE_PUB
                        Specify Presence Pub to test
  --expressway-c EXPRESSWAY_C
                        Specify Expressway Core to test
  --expressway-e EXPRESSWAY_E
                        Specify Expressway Edge to test

Common uses:
    Full UAT using discovery
        automated_uat.py --ccmid abc1234
    CCM UAT using discovery
        automated_uat.py --ccmid abc1234 --ccm
    Single server
        automated_uat.py --callmanager-pub CALLMANAGER_PUB
    Multiple servers
        automated_uat.py --callmanager-pub CALLMANAGER_PUB --unity-pub UNITY_PUB