About Me


I am an enterprise solutions architect in a 35 year love affair with technology, I learned to write BASIC as a kid, on an Atari 400 (membrane keyboard) by reading the guide.

I have been a remote first employee for the past 13 years and a hybrid employee before that with over 18 years of experience supporting local, national, and multinational clients across North and Central America, EMEA, and APAC. The product I was responsible for maintaining grew to over 250,000 supported users and approximately 225 individual customer organizations.

I am able to effectively communicate with technical and non-technical individuals, translating project details and requirements into meaningful contexts and language for the intended audiences. I have been the solution architect responsible for the design and deployment of distributed, business-critical customer services requiring high-availability. Having experience across a variety of technology domains gives me a deep understanding of what it takes to create a best in class solution that exceeds customer expectations.

Some of my key engagements have included:

  • Designing and deploying an international, multi data center customer platform that included Cisco ACI, SDN, SD-WAN, and UCS products for a Cisco Unified Communications solution supporting a hybrid and remote workforce.
  • Managing a global project to migrate over 200 customer server platforms and critical services across eight data centers located in North America (4), EMEA (2), and APAC (2) to new Cisco UCS and VMWare ESX infrastructure with minimal customer facing service downtime.
  • Developing, planning, and coordinating the design and deployment of Cisco Expressway services for customers at the beginning of the pandemic to enable and facilitate rapid customer transitions to a remote first strategy during a national health emergency.


Hello! My name is Justin and I live in Littleton, CO with my wife and our two kids (17 and 13). I’m a mountain trail ultra-marathoner, BSA troop Scoutmaster and Eagle Scout, care minister at my church, avid reader, and a knitter.

Professionally, I was a Cisco Unified Communications Architect for a leading Hosted Cisco Solutions (HCS) partner. I have worked with and around computers and networks for over 20 years. I’ve done everything from installing physical cabling and devices, to basic desktop and server support, to designing, deploying and operating global networks and systems, and have directly worked with all levels of users from the receptionist at the front desk to the top executive level. I have earned more than my fair share of IT related certifications including older certs such as MSCA+ Security (2008), Cisco Certified Security Professional (2009) and Cisco Certified Internet Expert in routing and switching in 2011 and most recently the ISC(2) CISSP in October 2023 and currently studying and preparing for the Hack The Box Certified Pen Testing Specialist exam.

Earlier in my career I worked as a consultant and providing support and expert knowledge to customers on all their IT and information systems needs. Working for a variety clients as their trusted source of IT knowledge means you wear a lot of different hats and need to be able to quickly understand the concepts needed to provide the needed guidance and support.